About Us


Josh Chavez RAH Energy Founder 2023

In the bustling world of energy drinks, RAH emerged from a passion cultivated over two decades. Josh, the visionary founder, fueled by a fervor for energy drinks spanning the globe, identified a void in the market.

Despite sampling beverages from various corners of the world, one missing element lingered – a genuine fruit juice carbonated energy drink. Determined to bridge this gap, Josh embarked on a mission to craft what would become "Fresh Juiced Energy" – the hallmark of RAH.

These drinks, born out of genuine fruit juices, are a sparkling blend of refreshment and caffeine, free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The commitment extends further with a resounding "NO" to added sugars, defining RAH as a beacon of wholesome energy.

The recommendation echoes simplicity: savor RAH ice cold and, for those seeking an extra zest, a squeeze of fresh lime elevates the experience. RAH stands not just as an energy drink but as a testament to dedication, flavor, and the joy of discovering what was missing in every sip.